What Will Cause Trupanion Premiums
to Change?

Your premium is the amount you pay monthly for your pet insurance coverage. The way premiums are calculated and changed over time vary between companies. At Trupanion, we believe in fair premiums for all policyholders.

How Trupanion premiums are calculated:

When you get a pet insurance quote for your pet, the premium you see is based on six factors: the breed of your pet, the age of your pet, your pet's gender, spay/neuter status*, the selected deductible (optional), and your geographical location. These six factors as they apply to your specific pet are taken into account relative to the average cost of a pet to determine the premium.

What will Not cause your premiums to change:

Pet aging: Aging is a natural process that all pets go through which is why we do not believe in raising premiums just because your pet had a birthday. When you enroll, your premium will be based on your pet's age at enrollment for the rest of its life.

Filing claims: We will not penalize you for having an unlucky pet and your premiums will not increase due to the number of claims that you file.

What will cause your premiums to change:

Veterinary inflation: Occasionally, veterinary costs (fees per service) increase with inflation. Your premiums may be adjusted to reflect the inflation of veterinary costs.

Increase in scope of treatments available for veterinary care: As veterinary technology and procedures advance, more treatment options become available to pet owners. As a result, the number of services provided per pet tends to increase over time. Premiums will reflect these increases in 'fees' and 'new technology/additional services' of veterinary care.

Although you may see premium increases due to these two factors, your premium is still in the age group at which you enrolled your pet. For example, if you enroll your pet at two years old, your premium will always be based on a 2-year-old pet for the life of your policy. If you saw a premium increase three years later when your pet is 5 years old, you would still see that you would be paying less than you would if you enrolled your pet at its current age.

Premiums can be controlled in various ways such as imposing per-claim limits, yearly limits and lifetime limits. At Trupanion, we believe that the pet owner should be the one to determine what is best for their pet with no payout limits on their pet health insurance.

* See our policy for details.