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A Trupanion policy helps provide peace of mind

Number 1


To get comprehensive coverage without complexity.

Number 2


To ease your financial commitment in a time of worry.

Number 3


To get your pet the best care, whatever the cost.

Number 4


So you can pay less out of pocket.

About us

The Trupanion team has been taking care of pet owners for over a decade by offering simple, fair, and affordable pet insurance. We want to help take care of your pet, too, and know pet owners want to work with companies that mirror their own goals and passions. Learn more about us here – we know you’ll like what you see!

CEO Darryl Rawlings holds Lazlo the dog

Meet our founder and CEO: Darryl Rawlings

Darryl is not your typical CEO. From his "uniform" of shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops, to the time he spends lounging on the floor with office dogs, he laughs in the face of conformity and traditionalism. While he demands excellence from everyone he meets, he also inspires excellence, so it’s no wonder he has revolutionized the pet industry. From the day Darryl founded Trupanion, his one and only goal has been to help pets live longer, healthier, happier lives. And he wants to do that for your pet, too. Learn more about Darryl.

We love pets, period

We don’t just believe in the human-pet bond, we live it – every day. In our completely pet-friendly office, we are surrounded by dogs and cats who inspire us to do great work. We have a puppy play area in our lobby and pet beds and blankets at every cubicle to keep our pets warm and happy. When we say the office has “gone to the dogs,” we mean it literally and with the most love possible.

More about Trupanion

  • Trupanion became a publicly traded company under stock symbol TRUP on July 18, 2014. Visit our investor relations page.
  • We support the good work of pet organizations all over North America. See our charity page for more information.
  • Read about us in the news and see what awards we’ve won in our news room.
  • We love interacting with other pet owners! You’ll love how much fun we have in our social community.

Trupanion timeline

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A timeline showing Trupanion's in 2000 founding to the IPO in 2014