Trupanion expands their core coverage policy

Trupanion Expands their Core Coverage Policy
Trupanion announced updates to its core policy based on suggestions and feedback from veterinarians and pet owners to make its policy even more comprehensive and accessible for pets. The company offers one simple, fair and comprehensive plan for pets that are sick or injured.

Eliminating concerns of a predetermined benefit schedule and amount, the comprehensive plan will continue to pay 90% of actual veterinary costs for covered claims for the treatment of illnesses and injuries.

Starting today, current and future Trupanion policyholders, subject to regulatory approval, will see the following top four improvements in coverage:

1. Expanded Core Policy 

Trupanion expanded the core plan it offers to include ten treatments that were previously only offered through an Additional Care Package (Rider A). The below prescriptive treatments are now included:

  • Bone Marrow Transplants
  • Colloidal Silver Treatment Injections
  • Gold Seed Therapy
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Kidney Transplants
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Polyethylene Medication
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen

2. Improved Coverage for Intact Pets

Intact pets, pets that are not spayed or neutered, are no longer excluded from receiving coverage for prostrate problems, hormonal skin conditions, perianal hernias, testicular tumors, perianal tumors, mammary tumors, and uterine and ovarian conditions (as long as they are not pre-existing), or from injuries due to fighting, collision with a motor vehicle, or aggressive behavior.

3. Pre-existing Conditions

Trupanion clarified pre-existing conditions to be illnesses or injuries that occurred or began in the 18 months prior to enrollment with Trupanion, including those that were being masked or controlled by treatments and/or medications, or that exhibited clinical signs or evidence of their potential manifestation.

4. Dental Coverage

Trupanion clarified expectations that the company will cover endodontic treatments due to dental disease or trauma for canine and carnassial teeth provided that pet owners have annual dental exams and follow veterinarian recommendations about dental care.

Additionally, the company's Rider A package was renamed Recovery and Complementary Care Rider and includes 7 treatments and therapies: Acupuncture, Behavioral Modification, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Naturopathy, and Rehabilitative Therapy.

The plan Trupanion offers reflects the health needs of pets. Premium factors include the pet's age at the time of enrollment, breed, gender, spayed or neutered status, and location (the cost of veterinary care available to your pet varies by location).

Trupanion policy enhancements are now available in all Canadian provinces and most states (some states pending regulatory approval). To learn more or see if it is available in your state please visit

Trupanion New Core Coverage Policy May 2014

About Trupanion
Founded in 2000, Trupanion (NYSE: TRUP) offers medical insurance for cats and dogs in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico through its affiliated entities. With over 218,000 total enrolled pets as of 12/31/2014, Trupanion is one of the largest pet medical insurance companies in North America with the mission to help the pets we all love receive the best veterinary care. The Trupanion pet medical insurance plan is simple, fair and comprehensive that pays 90% of the actual veterinary costs for illness and injury claims with no payout limits per incident, per year, or over the lifetime of the pet and with few exclusions. Trupanion policies are underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company in the U.S. and the Omega General Insurance Company in Canada. For more information please visit