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Dog Breaks Leg, and Another One

Felix is a curious little Yorkie so it’s a good thing his owners recently signed him up for a pet insurance policy with Trupanion.

Shortly after he passed his waiting period for accidents (which is 5 days, counting the day of enrollment), Felix broke his leg! Fortunately, it was all covered by the insurance and Trupanion repaid $2,139.92 for the bill.

Here comes the twist…

A few weeks later, Felix returned to the vet for a follow up check on his leg. Everything checked out, he was healing just fine. So he left the vet, in his owners arms, when Felix excitedly jumped out of their arms leading to the break of his other front leg!

Luckily for the owners, Trupanion covered that bill as well, for another $1,969.60.

Lesson learned here: you never know when you might need to thank your lucky stars that you got pet insurance.

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