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This Week in Testimonials – 1/3

Happy new year thanks for your help with my kitty ducky he is feeling much better and enjoying his buddies -Erika O.

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I LOVE you guys. You are always so polite on the phone and are so accommodating. Thanks for being there for Koby Sweet! xox -Emily S.

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Another year comes to an end and I’ve just figured out my dogs’ yearly vet expenses, like I usually do. Based on Dinglehopper’s track record this has been a fairly inexpensive year for him. $2,728.97 in vet expenses (including routine care and grooming). $1,433.74 of which were covered by Trupanion. Razzleberry beat Dingle in expenses this year, which is surprising. $3,171.19 for her care. $1,803.07 covered by Trupanion. Thank-you!! -Michelle D.

Happy 2014. It hit me last night that I didn’t think my Kendra would see 2014! Most of you may not know her story, so while she is eating her scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, pancakes and fried rice I will tell you her story.
June of 2012 I found a mass that was found to be anal gland adenocarsenoma. It is an aggressive malignant tumor that usually takes it’s victims in around 9 months. This cancer starts in the scent glands and spreads to the pelvic lymph nodes. She has been through 3 tumor removing surgeries, much chemotherapy, radiation, a colonic stricture surgery or two and a torn knee surgery since then.
She has had ups and some very low lows where I thought I was loosing her (December of last year I don’t really remember), but she’s as stubborn as me and is here more than a year and a half after her diagnosis!
I will say this, and I’m in the veterinary field, if you have a pet (especially those once in a lifetime pets) trupanion pet insurance is by far the best choice for health insurance. Quite literally a life saver.
I wanted to post a small bit of the gratitude I am feeling over the start of a new year. I have lots more to be grateful for, thanksgiving is a mindset not just a day of the year. -Deanna S.

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Thank you, Trupanion! I’m so impressed how fast you have processed Faith’s claims from her awful illness. Thankfully, with the treatment she received, she is doing GREAT! I have told everyone in my Bernese FB groups how great you guys are.

The photos were taken 16 days apart, Dec 15 and Dec 31. Happy new Year! -Teresa G.

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Rex had a $316 bill & insurance paid 90%, $284! Pet insurance is awesome. Thanks @Trupanion! [email protected]

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Really impressed by @Trupanion which reimbursed us in a timely manner for our sick puppy. Great customer experience! Thank you! [email protected]

We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from clients about @Trupanion pet insurance. Peace of mind is priceless. [email protected]

Although I’d had a very bad experience with a pet insurance company some years back, I’d heard so many good things about Trupanion that I decided to give them a try. All my research turned up positive things, but I always say you never really know how good a company is until you have to file a claim. While I hoped to never need to find out, my older dog woke up in November barely able to walk, and we suddenly had Serious Problems (the stuff you get pet insurance for, even though you always think you’re not going to need it because that stuff happens to someone else’s dog, not yours). Although we are still struggling with a clear diagnosis for the swelling in her brain that caused her balance problems, Trupanion has been there for us, helping to make the process easier. They went to great lengths to get her MRI pre-approved same day, and they have covered the necessary tests and medicines without any unnecessary complications. Whenever I’ve called, I’ve gotten someone compassionate on the phone who sounds like they actually want to help. In short, I was extremely impressed every step of the way, and am grateful that we made the right choice in insurance this time. I don’t know how things will turn out, or if my dog will be able to be cured. Thankfully, she is walking better, eating again, even playing, though the specialists are still struggling to diagnose her so we can come up with a game plan for treating her. But having an honest, reliable insurance company behind us is giving us our best chance. Thank you for being the real deal, Trupanion, and for being there for us!

Thanks for ALL your help TRUPANION! Maple is feeling as good as new after having surgery for a cruciate ligament tear in her hind leg. -Jen T.

Maple’s Story

Best decision we’ve ever made was signing up w/your company. Thank you! -Tonya J.

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