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Help Keep Your Pet Calm During Fireworks

Loud noises and the commotion of 4th of July celebrations can easily make your pet stressed and scared. Your dog is very sensitive to noises, and can hear 4 times louder than the average human. Loud noises can often cause pets to run away from home, dig at the floor, hide in small places, or pace back and forth. Statistically it is shown, More pets get lost,  on Independence Day than any other day of the year


Helpful tips to help keep your pet at ease during this Independence Day:  

  1. Make sure your pet has updated ID tags.

    When animals get stressed, they sometimes run away. Now is a great time to double check that your furry friend is wearing proper identification, just in case.

  2. Exercise your pet before the party

    Go on a long run or play fetch early in the day. Hopefully your dog will get tired right before all the commotion starts.

  3. Keep your dog inside.

    Fireworks and other loud noises aren’t nearly as loud if your pet stays indoors. Also, there are many more distractions inside the home that can keep your dog calm. If you choose to bring your pet outdoors, distance your pet from harmful objects such as charcoal, sparklers, fireworks, and glow sticks.

  4. Provide your dog with a safe haven.

    Many scared dogs look for a hiding place once left alone. Sometimes these places aren’t always the safest or smartest so it’s best for the pet owner to designate a safe area. This may be a bathroom, closet, or basement, ideally a place without windows and with plenty of artificial light to hide any flashes of light.

  5. Hide the loud noises.

    Keep a television on or have music playing. These sounds will act as a buffer to further distract your nervous pet from the noise. Another option for very sensitive dogs are earmuffs or ear plugs. There are dog-friendly ear safety products on the market that are designed to protect your dog’s ears during loud situations. Talk to your veterinarian about the best option for your pet.

  6. Use food to distract.

    Give your dog a treat reserved for when the noise level is loudest. Choose a treat such as peanut butter inside a Kong to keep your dog distracted during the fireworks.

  7. Look into medications.

    Some dogs might need medication to help keep them safe and calm. Talk to your veterinarian about medication options for your dog during celebrations.

What have you tried to help keep your pet calm during fireworks? We’d love to hear what works for your furry friend!


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