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4 Ways to Survive the Dog Days of Summer

dog swimming lake river with stick weimaraner summerSummer is a pet’s favorite season, and the outdoors is his favorite place to play. Haven’t you seen your dog sitting by the front door with a longing look in his eyes? There are a ton of fun activities that you can enjoy with your dog, like biking, swimming and enjoying a relaxing day in the park. Here are 4 tips for some of summer’s best dog-friendly activities.

Dog Days of Summer with your Pet

Take a Bike Ride

Every dog loves to run and more often than not, they’re much faster than us mere bipeds. To give them a real challenge dust off your bike and pedal away with your pup. Running on a leash might not be the wisest thing to do, given the speed you will be traveling. Stick to roads that have little or no traffic and let your dog run freely. Try this only when you dog is trained and be sure that you trust him not to run away from you. Chasing a dog who doesn’t listen will not be fun.

Get Soaked

Humans love a swim when it gets hot, and dogs are no different. Choose a dog-friendly beach or lake and spend the entire day tossing a ball around for your four-legged pal. If you have a big enough yard space think about getting your dog his own shallow pool for splashing during the hot summer months.

Pack a Basket

The best way for you and your pet to spend a summer evening is to pack a basket and head out to the local park. Lay down your picnic basket in the shade and spend the afternoon playing fetch or frisbee with your dog. After playtime, relax in the shade and enjoy a laid back snack together.

Indoor Activity

Dogs are like children. They never know when enough is enough and getting them to choose to come indoors rather than stay out and play can be a challenge. On extreme heat days your pet has no business being outside. Bribing your pet with treats is one way to get them indoors–what if you could offer them the natural warmth of the sun indoors as well? Create a pet sanctuary for them by creating a sunroom which allows sunlight to stream in freely, this space can double as your own peaceful place of solitude, too. Try yoga or doga–a meditative way of bonding with your pet as both of you relax and enjoy a physical and mentally calming experience. The debate rages on whether this is frivolous or indeed beneficial–try it for yourself!

Summertime is fun, but as your dog’s human, you are responsible for him. Make sure your pet always has plenty of fresh water to drink. Make sure your dog is always wearing a collar and ID tags with your contact information when you take him out. And, always keep a close watch to ensure that that your dog doesn’t overexert himself in the heat.

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