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Top Ten Bearded Dog Breeds

Adorable Bearded Dog with owners.

While people everywhere grow and showcase their moustaches and beards to raise awareness about health this November, man’s best friend is doing it too.

We want to feature those who show off their facial hair 365 days a year in support of their humans—the top ten bearded dog breeds. Each breed is unique offering their own characteristics and their own health concerns to be aware of.  These furry faces can help raise awareness about pet’s health, men’s health, and cancer prevention all while providing the same love and support they offer to their people every day.

Top 10 Bearded Dog Breeds

1. Yorkshire Terrier—Like many terriers, the Yorkshire Terrier is born with spunk and a small ‘stache. These petite dogs are always up for an adventure and make a great sidekick.

2. Shih Tzu—This toy breed has a naturally long, silky moustache and accompanying beard, and comes with a big personality. They only require a moderate amount of exercise, making them a great apartment dog.

3. Schnauzer—Whether they are miniature, standard, or giant, Schnauzers are known for their impressive beards and stately brows. These breeds are extremely intelligent with a lot of energy, and exercise is a must.

4. West Highland White Terrier—This easygoing little terrier will get along with almost anyone and makes an intelligent and courageous little sidekick. Their adorable moustache extending out from the side of their nose completes their spunky look.

5. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier—These happy and animated terriers boast a youthful beard that fits their puppy-like attitude that carries throughout their life. They are people-oriented dogs that enjoy daily exercise to stay entertained.

6. Scottish Terrier—This iconic terrier’s proud, well-trimmed beard just compliments a long snout and perked ears. These devoted, feisty dogs need a patient and consistent leader but make a great furry friend.

7. Airedale Terrier—The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terriers and comes with a big beard as well. They are loyal and easily motivated by their owners, but like many terriers, can be stubborn at times. With adequate exercise, they can make great companions.

8. Lhasa Apso—This intelligent toy breed showcases their fearless beard with pride. They are independent, loving and devoted pets. The Lhasa facial hair comes in two versions, a full beard or “simply ‘stache” look.

9. German Wirehaired Pointer—The German Wirehaired Pointer is an intelligent and extremely active sporting breed with an impressive beard and a loyal, and stable temperament. This handsome face makes a great partner out in the field and in the home.

10. Brussels Griffon—The Brussels Griffon’s quirky features are only flattered by their enviable beard and playful personality. These dogs are highly intelligent, lovable, alert, and form close relationships with one or two members of their family.

Furry faces and your dog’s health

Each of these breeds’ potential health concerns can become costly. So it’s important to keep pets’ health in mind as well this month. According to the Trupanion database, the average costs per claim for allergies and diabetes are $90 and $110, respectively, which often adds up over time. Some other treatments for common health concerns, like hip dysplasia, can easily reach into the thousands for a single claim. Do you have a dog with a beard or moustache?

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