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A Scotty’s Stomach Issues

Barney - XXX - Image 1“A year ago we adopted a very sweet, loving Scottish Terrier who was rescued by Miami-Dade County from a terrible puppy mill when he was about 10 months old. This little boy lived in a cage his entire life until the County saved him, along with over 20 other purebred puppies.

The day we got Barney we immediately took him to our veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Cooper at Sky Lake Animal Hospital, who examined him and gave him a battery of tests. Dr. Cooper recommended we take out pet insurance with Trupanion on that first visit.  We had researched pet insurance in the past for our previous Scotty, and previously determined it was basically useless, but we trusted Dr. Cooper’s recommendation and signed Barney up.

As it turned out, poor little Barney had stomach problems from the beginning and a biopsy finally revealed he had Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a chronic condition that requires constant, comprehensive and very expensive care. We wind up at Dr. Cooper’s office about once a month and Trupanion has been absolutely amazing, reimbursing me for every veterinary visit, test and treatment quickly and hassle-free. This company has been a wonderful partner and I couldn’t be more passionate about recommending them. Dr. Cooper’s office files every claim on our behalf and I receive an email to let me know Trupanion is working on our reimbursement. If they have questions, they let me know and contact Dr. Cooper directly. Once the claim is approved, I get an email updating me that a check is on its way.

Frankly, I wish my own health insurance was as good as Barney’s! Trupanion makes managing Barney’s health issues significantly less stressful.  And I am always impressed by how much they care about his health and wellbeing. I am convinced that any other company would have cancelled us by now.”

Amanda T.

Aventura, Florida

Enrolled: November 2013
Condition: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Total Paid: $7,875.25


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