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The story of how Trupanion had Simon’s back

Simon 2I would like to share my story about Simon, my lovable 11 ½ year old Bichon Frise.  Simon has always been a loving, happy, friendly dog who loves people and other dogs. Simon was about a year old when we decided to get pet insurance with Trupanion.  Simon has been pretty healthy for most of his life.  Although Simon has always been fed good quality dog food, mainly Hills Diet, never eats people food and has healthy dog treats, he is prone to pancreatitis which he gets periodically.  Trupanion has helped with the cost of his medication, and any testing that needs to be done.

Two years ago, Simon’s back legs collapsed and he was unable to walk.  We ended up taking him to a neurologist who diagnosed him with herniated discs and the prognosis was back surgery.  Simon was hospitalized for two weeks and it was a long recovery.  This cost was thousands of dollars.  We probably would have had to remortgage our house if it hadn’t been for Trupanion helping with most of the cost.

Then at the end of September 2014, another devastating incident happened.  Simon’s gallbladder burst and he had to have it removed.  Again, he was hospitalized for a week and of course, a phenomenal cost.  Simon was recovering nicely when a month later he had a relapse and ended up in the hospital again for a few days.  We found out that due to the burst gallbladder, it affected his liver.  He now has to take medication for his liver for the rest of his life.  Trupanion is covering the 90% of the cost.

Today, Simon is like a new dog.  He has regained the bounce in his step and enjoys playing with my other dog.  Simon is the joy of my life and I appreciate everything Trupanion has done.  I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.  They have been our guardian angels.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Trupanion.  I recommend them to everyone I meet.

Susanne L.

Airdrie, Alberta

Enrolled: May 2007
Conditions: Pancreatitis, IVDD, Ruptured gallbladder
Total Paid: $24,548.01

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