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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 1/9

After spending a bundle on vet bills with my last afghan who passed away in 2010, when I got these two, I researched and bought Trupanion for both and I can’t be more satisfied with the service! -Nancy M.


I have Danes and had lost a young two year old to spinal nephroblastoma last December. At that time I did not have pet insurance and had to resort to every option I had to raise money for her surgery, radiation and physical rehabilitation, and in the end I still lost her after three months of treatment. As a result, when my eight year old needed to have a cyst on his side checked last spring, I decided to enroll him in Trupanion which my vet’s office strongly recommended. I felt so fortunate to have enrolled then, thinking that it was surprising to even find a pet insurance which would insure an older dog.

Then, in August, my Dane, Basil, developed a progressive weakness in his back legs, seeming unable to figure out where his feet were being placed. After a number of visits, tests including many x-rays, two MRI’s, a spinal tap and finally surgery, he was found to have, concurrently, spinal discospondylitis and a bulging disk, at two different places affecting his spinal cord and his ability to walk. Through this all, Trupanion has been there for me, has often paid directly upon billing by the vet’s office and never questioned a necessary treatment. The payments were incredibly quick and allowed me to pursue Basil’s healthy future without complete financial meltdown and a possible incomplete treatment. Basil is now walking fine, looking wonderful and acting again like a dog younger than his years – making my Christmas very, very special this year. Basil has just turned nine young years old and I have Trupanion to thank for that. I cannot recommend them enough for their service and heart. -Shelley H.

Dog is going on day 2 at the vet. Feeling relieved we have pet insurance. (Thanks @Trupanion ) [email protected]

Thank you TruPanion for helping my 10yr old lab duke over christmas, you guys have saved me and my dog, thank you from the bottom of my heart, i was about to sell my summer car to cover these bills if this was denied, but no need, you came through. again, Duke Testa, his lil bro & I Thank you. -Corey T.

Hi Trupanion,

I wrote a shout out to you on facebook and have been telling the world about you!!
My Ginger ruptured her ACL, she had to go for surgery Nov 24. That was stressful and the post op rehabilitation has been stressful, especially for Ginger since she is a golden doodle and want to play all day long. So difficult to keep her calm! But she is getting better day by day. What was not stressful? is you folks at Trupanion. I am still in shock of how quickly you facilitated the payment and closed the claim. Many ppl said I was wasting my money having insurance for my dogs….they do not say that anymore. You staff are lovely every time I call, the customer service is phenominal and you are true to your word. My heart is happy I choose you, knowing that your company has our back so we are able to take care of Ginger properly makes me sleep well at night!! Happy New Year to all the team at Trupanion -Lynda R.

It’s been a year since Ozzy’s knee surgery and he is up n running like he use too. Thank you for being there for us -Roland C.

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Thank you so much for your assistance with my kitten Morpheus’s recent surgery. Your claims process was easy, prompt and very considerate.
I’m telling my pet owning friends about this insurance so that they don’t have to face a life or death decision based on affordability for a beloved family member!
Now if I can just get him to stop trying to keep me from working. -Sherri A.

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