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Banjo’s pet insurance story

Even service dogs get to go to the beach!

I am wheelchair bound with MS. My husband and I decided that we would adopt a dog and train him as a service dog to assist me in maintaining a quality of living without forever being dependent on other people. After much research, we decided to adopt an Australian Labradoodle. They had all the qualities that we required in a dog.

So it was that Banjo joined our family in 2008. Straight away it was evident as to what a lovable, intelligent dog he was. Intense training took place and just about when we were going to put him forward to be registered as a service dog, Banjo became epileptic. He was just 2 1/2 years old. Sadly, resultant of this, he was unable to continue as a service dog.

Over the ensuing years his, seizures worsened to the point where he was having cluster seizures. Every epileptic episode was heart wrenching for us. No one likes to see their beloved dog in such a traumatic state.

In 2014 we noticed a welcome change in Banjo’s seizures. They were becoming much milder so we were hoping that he was growing out of his epilepsy. However, our hopes were dashed when on the evening of December 18th, 2014 Banjo suffered a Status Epilepticus. We rushed him to Vancouver Animal ER where he remained in a coma for 24 hours. Everything possible was done by the wonderful staff there to save Banjo. He regained consciousness but was unable to stand and was not eating. It was decided that an MRI was necessary to ascertain what brain damage had been done and whether there would be a chance of full recovery. For this, he had to be taken to Can West, the animal specialist hospital. On the morning of the 22nd whilst the medical staff were prepping him for his MRI, he went into cardiac arrest and did not recover. We were devastated. Just like everything else Banjo had done in his life, he made it easy for us and made the decision himself that we were dreading having to make ourselves.  He was an extraordinary dog.

Thoughtful and loving

The invoices were sent to Trupanion and all I can say is that the staff showed great compassion, were sympathetic and made us feel that they too had lost a friend. The payment for Banjo’s treatment was received in a very timely manner. We have only praise for the team at Trupanion. No complaints whatsoever.

We are now training Banjo’s younger sister, Jarrah to be a service dog and she wears her brother’s vest with pride.

Thank you Trupanion for all your help and for being there for us.

Jill I.

West Vancouver, British Columbia

Enrolled: July 2008
Condition: Seizures
Total Paid: $16,962.20

Banjo and Jarrah
Banjo and Jarrah

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