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Caring for a Doberman’s Chronic Issues

Blackjack“After seeing Trupanion literature at the veterinarian’s office we purchased Trupanion for our then 9-month-old Doberman, Blackjack.

At 2 years old, Blackjack was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Once the deductible was met, Trupanion paid and continues to pay for 90% of all of his medication and bloodwork.

After receiving a facial injury at 3 years old, which required surgery, Blackjack’s bloodwork revealed elevated liver enzymes. A month later, further blood work and liver biopsies revealed Blackjack had chronic active hepatitis with copper toxicity. Trupanion paid and continues to pay for 90% all of his medication, liver biopsies, and bloodwork associated with the disease.

Thanks to all the hard work of Dr. Stan Hastings, Blackjack’s liver enzymes are within normal range and he is a happy 5-year-old pup. Don’t be fooled by insurance companies that offer wellness plans, you can afford all of those bills. What you can’t afford are the bills associated with chronic illness. The coverage is well worth it and gives you peace of mind.”

Kathie S.

Covington, Kentucky

Enrolled: September 2011
Condition: Chronic Hepatitis, Hypothyroidism, Foreign Body
Trupanion paid: $17,538.72

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