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Putting Trust in His Caretakers

Kona - Valerie DeRoy - Image 1 (small)“In July 2014, Kona had his first seizure. We immediately took him to our veterinarian, Dr. Cunningham of Colonial Animal Hospital.  Kona was diagnosed with an inner ear infection, which was first thought to be the cause. Kona’s seizures started happening more frequently until one day he had two seizures in an hour. Dr. Cunningham insisted I go to Dr. Cook of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists. Here we received the bad news. Kona had a brain tumor. We were brought to our knees at the thought of life without him. Without any further medical procedures, Kona had two months to live. How could this be possible? We were directed to Dr. Dominguez at Animal Cancer Care Clinic, who recommended radiation therapy.  Is my dog going to live through treatment? How could we financially deal with this? The costs were adding up.

The biggest burden of sharing your life with a pet is knowing one day you will have to make the decision of when your friend’s life will end.  If the animal is suffering and you are only thinking of their best interest, the decision is a little easier.  But, if you have to end your dog or cat’s life because you are not financially capable, the decision can haunt you forever.

We owe Dr. Cunningham everything—she reminded me that I had Trupanion and to not think twice. I did not believe I could afford the care even with Trupanion. She said trust her and we did.  We owe her and Dr. Martin for their care. We owe Dr. Cook and staff for their compassion and recommendations. We owe Dr. Dominguez for his “cowboy” state-of-the-art cancer healing and his incredible staff. And we owe Trupanion for making this possible and saving our best friend’s life.”

Richard T.

Boca Raton, Florida

Enrolled: June 2013
Condition: Seizures, Brain Tumor
Trupanion Paid: $9,684.20

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