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Retired Racing Greyhound Recovers in Strides

Belle Image 2“I adopted Belle, my fifth retired racing greyhound in 20 years, when she was 15 months old.  My veterinarian at Homeward Bound Animal Hospital mentioned Trupanion’s certificate, so I decided to enroll Belle and my other greyhound, Mr. Lucky.  One night, I returned home and Belle didn’t come to the door with Mr. Lucky to greet me.  I heard banging in the kitchen.  Belle couldn’t stand, her head and neck were arched in an abnormal position, and she’d cut her feet thrashing around.

My neighbors helped me get Belle to Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, where they found she had suffered a serious stroke in her brain stem. In addition to the stroke, and possibly the cause of it, was “greyhound vasculopathy,” also known as “Alabama rot.”

Belle spent two weeks in the hospital.  It was touch-and-go for a while.  Thanks to Trupanion, I was able to give her wonderful caregivers the go-ahead to perform the diagnostic tests needed to find out exactly what Belle was dealing with, and how to best treat her.

When Belle came home, she could only take a couple steps at a time, and needed constant care.  We’re now more than ten months down the road, and her recovery is amazing!   Trupanion has continued to cover the follow-up care that is allowing her – and me – to enjoy a good quality of life together.  Throughout our experience, the wonderful people at Trupanion have been with us, taking care of the treatment costs without delay, and cheering and encouraging me every step of the way.

Belle’s right side has residual effects from the stroke – she still tilts her head to level the horizon and her right feet drag a bit when she walks.  But the head tilt is endearing, her silly trot is adorable – and, most of all, Belle’s here with me, and a very happy dog.”

Marsha C.

Arvada, Colorado

Enrolled: February 2012
Condition: Stroke, Greyhound Vasculopathy
Trupanion Paid: $20,215.76

Belle Image 1


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