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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 3/20

My puppy got sick just a couple of weeks after we got her. We had signed up for the 30 day free trial for Trupanion at her first vet visit, and decided to continue it just days before Zoey needed surgery to remove a PINECONE from her stomach. Trupanion has paid all our claims promptly and without any of the hassle I expected. We definitely made the right choice. -Susan K.

I have tried to give you a picture of Heike with her tag but it is not easy. This time it worked. Thanks…..Heike Hohs love her tag and your protection. You have saved her life many times. -Patricia H.

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Earlier this week, Buddy was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, a type salivary gland cancer. The tumor is just below his ear and behind his jaw. Because of its location and size, the tumor is inoperable and has started to affect his facial nerves. The cancer is in an advanced stage and has already spread to his lungs. We are so relieved we have insurance @trupanion and cost isn’t an issue, but I decided to forego radiation and chemo because I think it would be too hard on him and the end would not justify the means. Whatever time he has left definitely isn’t long enough. Meanwhile, we’ll be living it up, under the sun and on the grass (and eating yummy human food!). #myfirstlove#bostonterrier #justustwo [email protected]

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Guess who has better health insurance than I do!? I have to jump through hoops for a check up and this guy can walk into ANY veterinarian office in the US like a VIP! I had a minor panic attack thinking of what I would do if Buxi ever got sick or couldn’t run and play, may or may not be reading a book about a dog who dies, whoops! so I did what every sobbing yoga pant wearing lady does, started a blog at Starbucks. emojiJust kidding, (that was totally funny to me, I loled) no really, I wrapped him in bubble wrap and got him health insurance. Obama would be so proud. #thanksobama emoji#firstworldproblems but I mean come on, look at that face! If JLO can insure her emoji butt, I sure can insure my little monster so he can get his teeth cleaned and butt examined and all the weird things that dogs require to live long and prosper [email protected]_haleh

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Took Bander into Aurora Veterinary Hospital yesterday due to some hair loss on her side. Ran some blood work and her T4 was a little low. Adding on another thyroid panel to see if it’s because it’s not functioning appropriately or if it’s a fluke and not the cause of her hair loss. Should know more later. Thank goodness she’s insured by Trupanion! -Melissa B.

Yancy is a Rottie/Pit Bull mix and had a TPLO on his right knee in September. Thanks goodness for Trupanion! They covered the surgery and the water therapy rehab that helped so much!  – Jeanine F.

#Trupanion hands down best in the business [email protected]

My vet is not shown but a big shout out to Three Notch Veterinary Hospital for giving me a pamphlet from Trupanion when I adopted my lab Ripley. without Trupanion I don’t know what we would have done. Trupanion has covered sooo much. THANK YOU to both Trupanion and Three Notch Veterinary Hospital –English N.

I’m at the vet with Oatmeal now, hopefully just some medication. But, you never know with this little money pit! Thank god for @Trupanion! [email protected]

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