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Nonprofit Series: Helping Families with The Farley Foundation

In 2014, Trupanion members donated over $104,000 to nonprofit animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada. We’re now asking you to vote for the next nonprofits we should support. Vote through the online poll at Voting ends May 14, 2015.

The Farley Foundation is a nonprofit Trupanion has donated to for the past several years. They are in the running again to receive donations from our members next year. Here’s a little more about them.

Nonprofit Series: Helping Families with The Farley FoundationEstablished by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) in 2001, the Farley Foundation assists seniors and disabled persons on limited incomes with the necessary treatment of their pets. In 2007, the Foundation expanded its criteria to assist the pets of women at risk of abuse and their children who are participating in OVMA’s SafePet Program. The Farley Foundation honors the human-animal bond and seeks to help those who most benefit from pet ownership.

We asked The Farley Foundation’s Executive Director, Doug Raven, how extra funding from our members would help benefit The Farley Foundation and all of the animals they help. Below is what he had to say.

“The many physical and emotional benefits of pet companionship are well documented. The human-animal bond is particularly strong for specific groups within our community for which opportunities to socialize outside the home may be limited.”

This is where the Farley Foundation comes in.

“The mission of the Farley Foundation is to help low-income pet owners in need by subsidizing the non-elective veterinary care for the pets that mean the world to them.

Last year, the funds were disbursed to pay for veterinary care at 480 veterinary practices and with the generous assistance of Ontario veterinary clinics, we have assisted over 6,000 people and pets across Ontario. Funds were used to cover the cost of non-elective veterinary care, such as medications and surgery, for pets of low income elderly, disabled and out-of-work pet owners. With the continued support of veterinary clinics, corporate and private donors, we look forward to serving the people and pets of Ontario well into the future.

Additional donations from Trupanion would help the foundation to assist even more pet owners to obtain needed veterinary care for their pets, and help save the lives of countless pets who might otherwise have to be euthanized because their owners cannot afford to pay for their treatment.”

 Doug also shared a few of the many testimonials received from Farley Foundation funding recipients below.

 “Thank you so much for your efforts to help people on fixed incomes with unexpected yet important veterinary expenses. My best friend, Amelia and I recently received a generous gift of dental surgery from you. We are both so grateful for your support! Truthfully, Amelia was not too appreciative on the actual day of the surgery but her gratitude was very apparent shortly after we returned home. Being a feline with an extra special fondness for food, and having been deprived of food for almost 24 hours, she headed straight for her food bowl. I measured out her supper and was delighted to hear a few crunches! She hasn’t chewed her food in a long time! And to hear it so soon after surgery, too. Thanks to your generosity my dearest Amelia is no longer in pain. She chews her food regularly and her over-all temperament is one of a much happier kitty. And we are working on achieving daily teeth cleanings. She works on her patience while I work on her teeth.

 Amelia means the world to me. I have learned that for me, ‘Home is where Amelia is’…

We will always remember your generosity.

Joe & Amelia”

 “I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the members of the Foundation who so generously sponsored my cat’s bladder surgery. Without your financial help I would have lost my best friend, Willie.

Being handicapped and unable to work, I spend a great deal of time with Willie at home. She is family to me and it would have been a great personal loss if I had to have her put down. Words cannot express my gratitude.

I am happy to report that Willie’s recovery was swift and without incident. Prior to her surgery it was quite obvious how uncomfortable she was. I took great delight in watching the transformation back to her old self. Gone is the crying, restlessness and irritability. Willie is, once again, a contented, happy cat.

I will never be able to return your kindness but, hope this letter will demonstrate how important your foundation is to people in similar circumstances.

Thank you once again.

Sue and Willie”

Nonprofit Series: Helping Families with The Farley Foundation“Our 11 year old beloved dog Casey, injured his knee very badly, and needed surgery. My husband is on disability due to cancer, and our Casey has been a constant source of support for him. So now it was our turn to be there for him.

Your generous donation towards his surgery made this possible. We thank you all very, very much. He is doing great. All our love and thanks,

Tom and Beppy and our Casey (puppy brother Cody also pictured)”

For more information about The Farley Foundation, visit

Also, for more information about Trupanion’s Shelter Support Program to help pets in need have a happy, healthy start in their new forever homes visit


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