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Nonprofit Series: The Life-Saving BC SPCA Biscuit Fund

In 2014, Trupanion members donated over $104,000 to nonprofit animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada. We’re now asking you to vote for the next nonprofits we should support. Vote through the online poll at Voting ends May 14, 2015.

Nonprofit Series: The Life-Saving BC SPCA Biscuit FundThe BC SPCA’s Biscuit Fund for Medical Care is a nonprofit Trupanion has donated to for the past several years. They are in the running again to receive donations from our members next year. Here’s a little more about them.

The BC SPCA’s Biscuit Fund for Medical Care provides life-saving and important medical treatment for animals in the BC SPCA’s care. This includes any surgeries in emergency situations and common medical treatments such as spaying and neutering, vaccinations or any other treatments required to prepare these animals for adoption and a healthy, happy life.

We asked BC SPCA’s Senior Development Officer, Meredith Beitl, how extra funding from our members would help benefit the BC SPCA and all of the animals they help. Below is what she shared.

Nonprofit Series: The Life-Saving BC SPCA Biscuit Fund
Image from BC SPCA

“Each year, the BC SPCA cares for more than 25,000 abused, injured and abandoned animals across the province. It is our commitment to provide every animal in our care with the medical treatment it needs, when it needs it. Every single animal receives an initial medical check, most will require some follow up care, and a few will need extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

It is these cases of medical emergency that are the focus of Trupanion’s donations to the BC SPCA. Supporting medical emergency means that when an animal requires extraordinary surgery and rehabilitation, we can provide the necessary care without jeopardizing our ability to provide medical attention for the other animals in our shelters.

The BC SPCA has an annual medical budget of $1.1 million (it would be higher but for the discounted services from dedicated veterinarians around the province). Thanks to ongoing generosity from supporters like Trupanion we have been able to increase this budget each year in response to growing demands for medical care. Most importantly, medical emergency support ensures our animals are well prepared for adoption and a happy, healthy life in their forever home.

These success stories demonstrate the tremendous positive impact that Trupanion’s investment in medical care has on animals’ lives:

– Porter came to the Victoria shelter after being hit by a car, needing immediate treatment for internal bleeding, broken bones, and injured legs. He required physiotherapy and massage therapy to help regain mobility. Still recovering with a foster family, Porter has a lot of life still left to live thanks to successful treatment made possible by supporter generosity.

– Xing Xing, a beautiful tabby cat at the Vancouver shelter, had teeth so damaged that she could not eat and needed to have them all extracted. Once we performed the surgery, Xing Xing could once again eat pain-free, and she was soon adopted into her forever home with her best friend, Mao Mao.

– Who can forget Willow, the severely emaciated Siberian husky found wandering in Maple Ridge? She was barely able to walk and unable to lie down because of rocks and soil in her gastrointestinal tract (she’d been eating gravel to try to stay alive). She received emergency medical and nutritional support, and has been steadily gaining weight and strength in her foster home.

The BC SPCA is reliant on public support, and we are deeply grateful to supporters like Trupanion. Animals deserve to live long, happy lives, and medical treatment is often all that is needed to make that possible. We thank Trupanion and all our supporters for their inspiring commitment to the BC SPCA and abused and injured animals!”

Nonprofit Series: The Life-Saving BC SPCA Biscuit Fund
Image from BC SPCA

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