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A Small Miracle Helps Family Care for Their New Puppy

A Small Miracle Helps Family Care for their New Puppy“As is the case with all dog lovers, our little puppy Bella was immediately embraced by our family, stealing our hearts with her wet puppy kisses and feisty disposition. Naturally, a new puppy is expected to be healthy. We were shocked and saddened to discover that with our beautiful little Bella, that unfortunately was not the case.

Looking back at the onset of this ordeal, I remember salvaging a postcard from Trupanion that was destined for the trash.  I truly feel it was an act of God that made me stop and read about their 30-day certificate that was being offered to us. I was unaware that my husband had previously signed us up and upon calling them I was extremely impressed to learn about the policies and care that Trupanion offers its members.

To us, Trupanion has been like a light shining throughout the darkness, helping us find our way through all the difficult veterinary visits concerning little Bella’s health. Who would have ever imagined that a supposedly healthy puppy would incur so many veterinarian expenses during these ongoing health problems. We are thankful that we found Trupanion to help us with the financial undertakings in dealing with our puppy’s health.

There is no exaggeration in the statement that Trupanion is an amazing and outstanding company when it comes to maintaining the health of four-legged children.  The words “thank you” do not begin to adequately express our relief and heart-felt gratitude that Trupanion is there for us. We realize how much more difficult our struggle would be without this incredible and wonderful company, and will forever be thankful for their help, care, and support every step of the way.”

Eric and Carmel W.

Jupiter, Florida

Enrolled: August 2014
Condition: Upper Respiratory Infection
Trupanion Paid: $2,102.78

A Small Miracle Helps Family Care for their New Puppy

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