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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 4/24

I’ve had Trupanion for close to five years and three dogs and mine are 12 and 14 now. This is the best pet insurance and the customer service is amazing. I’ve had three 10k medical events with three of my dogs and I paid maybe 1700k of this. For the first one I wasn’t lucky enough to know about them and I paid it out of pocket. I pay about $52 a month each and premiums are based on your market. -Laura G.

The cost is not that high. I’ve used them twice now for two different dogs. Both times for rather costly surgeries. They paid promptly and covered everything as stated in my policy. I would recommend them to anyone. -Linda S.

I would recommend this to every pet owner. they are the best -DonnaLee C.

I’ve never had pet insurance before for any of my babies and was able to pay for whatever they needed until the grew old and passed on. We adopted a chi mix Coco that had some broken bones but was otherwise healthy. Not sure why we decided to purchase pet insurance but we did. Checked many insurance companies and went with Trupanion. Coco has had a bleeding ulcer and allergies that would’ve cost a mint. We then got another healthy chi mix Henry at 5 weeks old. We had to wait til Henry was 8 weeks old and purchased ins for him too. After Henry’s last set of shots he developed meningitis. He has been fighting this for a few months now, in and out of the hospital the whole time. He hasn’t beat the disease yet but we are confident he will.

Just wanted to thank you Trupanion because w/o you we would’ve never been able to afford our babies health issues.

Coco will be 2 in August
Henry will be 1 in August

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/24


We like the insurance. Our 9 1/2 lb dog has gotten stung by a bee on two occations and ended up in the animal er (she is allergic and only 9 1/2 lbs). Trupanion came through easily on both occations. Would have cost us easily $800. Trupanion is worth it, at least to us.-Molly W.

Took my dog to the vet this morning at 10 am, just got an email that the claim has already been opened (less than 3 hours after the visit). Your team is the best! Thanks from me and my furry Golden Retriever Cody! Paid out the same day. AWESOME. -Dallas T.


@Trupanion SO impressed with the ease of your claims process. Hassle free and $$ on its way already! Signing my other kitty up tomorrow! [email protected]


Lotus aka “Train wreck” almost as good as new after bilateral TPLO’s. Thanks Trupanion for so quickly handling Lotus’ many claims and for having such exceptional customer service! -Becky F.

Trupanion Weekly Reviews - Week of 4/24

Holy wow – A+ customer service, @Trupanion! Called and got a person right away who answered all of my questions and was super nice. [email protected]

@Trupanion definitely my favorite pet insurance company. Both these lovelies are on it.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/24


Brulee is very thankful for her @Trupanion pet insurance.Thank you for the quick turn-around on her recent vet visit. [email protected]_Brulee

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/23


Poor #buddyboybash had to be sedated today. He has a golfball sized infection under his chin. He will be on antibiotics for two weeks. So thankful for Chimney Hills Animal Hospital and @trupanion pet insurance.

Waiting to go to Quinns Northwest Animal Eye appointment. @Trupanion is a blessing. Making it affordable for me to take the best care of my boy. I’ve been babbling about pet insurance since I got it for Quinn and Hulk. I’ve already processed almost 6 claims with them and I’ve never had a question about whether of not I was covered. #petinsurance #blessed #lovehim #myboy#nevergoingwithoutitagain [email protected]_n96

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/24

Just wanted to share that Trupanion is an awesome pet insurance, we knew already but continues to show us how awesome they are. My parents dog, Lilly, just got sick and we thought it was a flu bug and took her to the vet and she’s got to stay overnight and be monitored, she’s losing protein somewhere and not sure where she’s a really sick dog! She’s only 2 years old, micro teacup Yorkie. Trupanion called tonight and informed my parents they are covering 90%! Thank you  -Victoria H.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 4/24



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