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A Day of Play Turns into a Hospital Stay

A Day of Play Turns into a Hospital Stay“Once a stray in Puerto Rico, Henry hit the jackpot when he was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA by a wonderful family whose hearts he immediately stole. During his adoption, Henry’s new owners were given 30 days of Trupanion, which they decided to keep. After all, one never knows what a puppy might get into.

His first summer with his new family, Henry got some exciting news- he had been invited to a doggy birthday party! He could not have been more excited. He started imagining what the party would be like- romping around with his friends, endless dog treats, and playing to his heart’s content. He started counting down the days until the party. He could not wait.

Then it came, the day of the party. It was almost too good to be true- wrestling and romping and everything else a puppy could dream of. He was living every dog’s dream until suddenly, to his owner’s shock, Henry fell to the ground and had a seizure. He was rushed to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, where the staff had already been alerted of his situation and were awaiting his arrival.

Henry found himself in the ICU being treated for heatstroke. He received IV fluids and was monitored for several hours. Since the full effects of the heatstroke couldn’t be immediately known, Henry had to stay overnight at the hospital for observation.

The happy ending is that Henry made a full recovery, and that Trupanion paid 90% of his treatment costs. Henry remains a very playful and active puppy, and his owners know that having Trupanion means they are prepared for any more puppy incidents that might lie ahead!”

Jane S.


Millstone Township, New Jersey

Enrolled: December 2013
Condition: Heat Stroke
Trupanion Paid: $1,002.83

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