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Support Through Two Surgeries

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“Having two torn ligaments within one year, it was great to have Trupanion on our side. They covered Champ’s surgeries, food, and medication needed during the recovery period, which cost over $5,000.00.

Not only did they provide coverage, they also provided comfort and care over the phone each and every time I called. Trupanion was fast and efficient, even when dealing with an issue at our local surgeon’s office. They made it their mission to ensure Champ would be covered before I left for surgery that day! I can honestly say Trupanion made our situation much less stressful.”

Tiffany J.

Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Enrolled: April 2014
Condition: Cranial Cruciate Rupture
Trupanion Paid: $5,461.31


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