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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 5/22

I have used Trupanion several times in less than a year. I am really happy with the coverage I have received. My 6 years black lab has had two ultrasounds, a scope and more medicine than I can count. She has crohns disease and I am so happy I got pet insurance. They have been great. -Merron F.

Trupanion the best!
Over 6 years ago we paid. 3 times we used. The coverage was very good. We have 2 surgeries with my havanese. Very well covered
After the surgeries the are email me. How sorry that Mignon is sick.

I recommended to my every clients and friends who has fur family.
Best pet insurance ever! -Maria B.

We have had 4 surgeries with my boxer and all of them very well covered. We are happy with Trupanion. -Cecilia M.

So far Trupanion has been great for us. Lilly got very sick and had go be hospitalized and the final bill came to 3600.00 and we only had to pay around 500

Dollars. The same day went into the hospital Trupanion called and texted us to say how sorry they are that Lilly is sick. They were great. -Dorothy K.

Almost 10 years of Insurance on our M.Snauzers and when one of them had Herniated Dics’s and couldn’t walk the $10,000 claim was pre approved before he even went into Surgery. Love You Guys! -Margie K.

I have been with Trupanion since September 2013. I have Boxers and they have health issues – a lot! Within the first 6 months, my youngest Boxer had 3 surgeries, which would have cost us almost $10,000. I pay $65 a month for his insurance with a $200 deductible and the cost to me for those 3 surgeries was around $1100. I can afford $1100, I can not afford $10,000. I can also afford the $65 per month payment ….. I can not afford to be without insurance for my furry family members. Thank you Trupanion. -Sam S.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 5/22

So incredibly thankful for Trupanion! My dog was diagnosed with lymphoma and is going through chemo. He is doing GREAT and will be with me for many more walks and cuddles. Trupanion has been fantastic through it all!! -Katie P.

Trupanion is the best!!!! I’m very happy with them & they have been there for all of my pets big time. -Carol G.

Trupanion is fabulous. A lifesaver last year when our kitty had to have surgery -Cathy K.

Trupanion: Thank you for listening.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for being there and reviewing, appealing and re-appealing.
It stresses owners any time their furbabies are sick and need attention.
As a policy holder on all three of my furbabies – you listened, reviewed and came to a positive conclusion. Truth and honesty prevails.
Magoo has an appointment Tuesday at 930AM for his liver biopsy with Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center of Brevard Not only will his seizures now get the attention they need we will get answers to his liver issues.
Abby – Harry and Magoo thank you! (and so do mom and dad)
Please everyone – look them up – well worth it! TBT – our one and only “little” boy – Mr. Magoo Thanks again Trupanion – this is the little boy you are helping get well! 
-Margie G.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 5/22

Y’all are just absolutely great. I wish we didn’t need the insurance but we have been so grateful to have it. It has made to possibilities of options available for us. -D.j. W.

As long as I own dogs I will be with Trupanion. And I am a veterinary professional. -Jane A.

When our Mini schnauzer got sick away from home, they covered the hospital and all the bills. I am so glad to pay the premiums every month. She is now a super healthy dog and hopefully will live a happy healthy life. -Donna B.

I’ve always had very quick and kind response to any claim I’ve submitted and the reimbursement timeframe is super quick. I just wish I had this coverage when I had my first cat, Lily. I could not control her diabetes and she kept going into diabetic ketoacidosis (life threatening condition and very expensive to treat). The vet suggested several tests to try to get to the bottom of why and I couldn’t afford them. I made the heartbreaking decision to let her go. I swore then and there that I would never ever again be in the position to make life or death decisions based on cost. -Dana B.

Insurance. Yes insurance for your pets. Cause they are out and about. [email protected]

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 5/22

I love Trupanion even though I have thankfully only had to use it once with Rocket. I do need to get Miss Domino signed up. -Mary S.

My beautiful Wicket and her trusty Trupanion tag! Photo taken the day before we first had to use our insurance…thank goodness for YOU! -Caroline M.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 5/22

I’ve only ever had good experience with Trupanion. Honestly have appreciated their kindness. -Luigina S.

Thank You for helping me pay the dental bill for Fritzs and Maggie,It may not be the 792 but it sure helped us out alot.I,m so gald we have the insurance for our furbabys. -Sally C.

Today is 1 year + 1 week post-surgery for Murphy. It took a full year for him to completely recover from herniated disc surgery, but he is truly and finally back to 100%. Following his nearly $10,000 surgery, Trupanion paid the claim at 90% and paid it within 14 days of submission. We are very thankful for the awesome coverage & service we have received from you all. It is worth every penny! Kudos to your team!

I’d like to thank Trupanion insurance for helping me keep my hairless sphynx cat ,Scarlett NoHaira , healthy. She has a very serious heart disease, HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She has to be scanned by a board certified feline cardiologist every 6 months. Trupanion pays for 90% of the cost, and it costs between $350-500 each time. Then there’s her medication. She is stable at this time, and Trupanion helps me keep her well. Thank you Trupanion. -Jackie K.

Trupanion Reviews - Week of 5/22

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