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Beloved Boxers and their Terrible Troubles

Beloved Boxers and their Terrible Troubles“I have had my lovely boxer girls Utah, for 9 years, and Teya, for 2.5 years. They have been our family members from their first moment at home. Boxers are very energetic— I would say hyper-energetic dogs— and my dogs are no exception.

Even though our trusted dog walker takes them for hour-long unleashed runs five days a week, rain or shine, to get out their energy and to keep them in perfect shape for the last six years, they still have plenty of energy to be troublemakers. Unfortunately, they have some internal medical issues we cannot control.

With Utah, we went through traumas like broken toes and ingested rat poison. We had a tumour removed from half of her upper jaw. Additionally, she had half a year of antibiotic treatment for crystals and bacteria in her bladder. Everything was covered by Trupanion.

About four years ago, Utah was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her hind knees. As a result, she has been on daily treatment, covered by Trupanion, to keep her not only on a steady walk but on an active run. If not for the grey face, you would not be able to say she looks older than a 4-year-old perfectly shaped boxer in her 10th year of life.

We got Teya two and a half years ago to keep company for Utah. Veterinarians discovered she had a small anatomical pocket in her small intestine that was accumulating food over time. Eventually, a small non-digestible piece of material that would normally go through an intestine unstuck, would block Teya’s system. By the time Teya turned two, she had been to the 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital four times. Trupanion covered all four surgeries on Teya’s small intestine as well as very recent treatment for crystals and infection in her bladder. Thank you, Trupanion.”

Nadezda J.


Utah & Teya

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Enrolled: June 2006 and April 2013
Conditions: Alopecia, Rodenticide Ingestion, Puncture Wound, Tumor, Arthritis, Urinary Infection, Toe Fracture, Laceration on leg, Foreign Body Ingestion, Vomiting, Blood in UrineThe Trupanion Policy Paid: $29,397.22


Beloved Boxers and their Terrible TroublesBeloved Boxers and their Terrible Troubles

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