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Easy DIY Cat Projects

Recycled Cardboard Scratching Tower

Photo via moderncat.net

1. Use a sturdy wooden board for the base (size will depend on how tall and wide you plan to build the tower)
2. Drill a hole into the center of the wooden base
2. Find a wooden dowel for center support – select the length depending on how tall you would like the tower
3. Drill a hole into the dowel and screw it into the wooden base
4. Create a template to trace on the cardboard before cutting – this will ensure all of the pieces are the same size and aligned evenly (remember to leave a hole for the wooden dowel in the center)
5. Begin assembling the layers until you reach a desired height.

Tutorial via Shelterness.com

Cardboard Scratch Mat

Floor Mat Scratcher
Photo and tutorial via Design Sponge

Cardboard boxes – any kind or size will work
Masking tape
Scissors or Exacto blade
Scrap paper, felt, or fabric

1. Decide on a height for the pad
2. Use the ruler to measure the cardboard width before cutting
3. Cut the cardboard in strips – make sure they are identical in width
4. Start bending and rolling the cardboard strips
5. Create the center of the mat by rolling a piece of cardboard into a tight, closed circle – use the masking tape to secure this piece
6. Continue adding strips, secure each strip with tape on each end – repeat this step until the mat reaches

Knotty Spider Toy

Knotty Spider
Photo and tutorial via Friskies

Plastic ring from milk jug
5” x 5” piece of felt

1. Cut fabric into 12-14 strips
2. Tie the strips onto the milk ring – using double knots
3. Keep tying until the ring is completely hidden


Peek A Boo Box

1. Find a clean, flat, empty box – a flat-rate post office box or new pizza both would both Peek A Boo_Meowblogwork great)
2. Cut holes, shapes, etc. in the cardboard (on the top of the box) – make sure they are large enough for your kitty’s paw to fit in without getting stuck!
3. Put a round, noisy toy (or multiple) inside the box – make sure they have small enough to roll around once the lid is closed
4. Close the box and feel free to decorate it for your cat!

Tupperware Puzzle Box

Treats and toys!

1. Cut holes in the lid of the Tupperware – be sure they are large enough so your kitty’s paws won’t get stuck!
2. Put treats, toys, and entertainment in the container and close it up!

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