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Four Tips to Find the Perfect Veterinarian

How to Find the Perfect VeterinarianA veterinarian is a great partner when it comes to your pet’s health, and having a great relationship with a trusted veterinarian will help you feel empowered to give your pet the happiest, healthiest life you can provide. But finding the perfect veterinarian is not always an easy task. We asked Trupanion’s on-staff veterinarian, Dr. Denise Petryk, how to find a veterinarian you love and trust and she provided the tips below.

1. Ask for recommendations from family and friends. They’re a great place to start when looking for a veterinarian. Ask them why they like their veterinarian, and build a small list of hospitals you’re interested in. You can check reviews online but don’t focus on those that complain about cost — many times those pet owners just weren’t prepared for modern veterinary costs.

2. Find a hospital that offers the hours and services you’re looking for. Every veterinary hospital is unique and offer varying hours and services. Find one that allows you to get the best care for your pet with the services you want and hours that fit your schedule. Do you need your veterinarian to have regular weekend hours? Are you interested in acupuncture for your senior pet? Your primary care veterinarian may also be able to refer you to nearby specialty centers for these treatments.

3. Look for qualities you admire in a trusted professional. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) State of the Industry Report stated that pet owners value great communication and transparency above all else when it comes to their veterinarian. Pet owners valued veterinarians who could explain things in an understandable way and act as a partner in their pets’ health. Think about the qualities you desire from your veterinarian and the other hospital staff. How do you want your veterinarian and veterinary technicians to treat your pet? What kind of interactions do you hope to have?

4. Bring questions to your first appointment. A great way to get to know your veterinarian is to have an open conversation with them. You should feel comfortable asking questions or voicing concerns about your pet’s health. Your veterinarian is there as a partner.

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