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A Little Lemon Gets All the Care She Needs

A Little Lemon Gets All the Care She Needs“Chai is our little lemon dog. We rescued her from a shelter at 4 months. Working in a specialty hospital, I saw so much heartache, especially relating to lack of funds. I couldn’t have that for my “fur babies.” I also had the inside scoop on which company took care of their clients the best, having seen the hassles owners suffered with different insurance companies. I have fought with numerous other insurance companies for many clients. I never once had to fight with Trupanion. Trupanion was not only the best choice, it was the greatest choice we ever made. It feels like they are in it for the same reasons we are: not money, but animal care.

Chai has had a retained deciduous canine removed, she’s urinary incontinent, and she has allergies. Trupanion has taken care of her diagnostics, medications, and procedures so we can focus on her happiness. Her most recent incident involved her running under our deck and creating a 4-inch laceration along her side. Her bill for the repair was $1,000. Trupanion covered 90% after our deductible. All 4 of our animals have coverage with Trupanion and whenever people ask for a recommendation I only ever have one answer. Don’t take chances with unreliable companies. Animals get hurt and get sick just like we do. Make sure your finances are your last worries when you face an emergency. Thanks Trupanion, from all of us.”

Rebecca N., RVT, RLAT

Rockland, Ontario

Enrolled: March 2013
Condition: Allergies, Urinary Incontinence, Laceration Repair
Total Paid: $2,982.41

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