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An Alien Invasion

An Alien Invasion“Trupanion has been a financial life saver for us. It was recommended by Dr. Sinko at North County Animal Hospital. When Mimsy was just a puppy, a little boy was visiting us and he accidentally dropped his toy alien. We had no idea that Mimsy ingested it until months later when she needed surgery because she wasn’t feeling well. My veterinarian called me and asked ‘ Has your dog been abducted by aliens?'”I had no idea what he was talking about until he showed me the retrieved alien!

Recently, Mimsy started limping and couldn’t put down her hind leg. Upon X-ray, it was discovered that a small sliver of metal was embedded in her paw. It obviously became swollen, causing her great pain. Again, Trupanion came in handy. I have told many people what a great decision it was to sign up for pet insurance when Mimsy was a puppy.”


Sandy M.


Jupiter, Florida

Enrolled: July 2012
Condition: Foreign Body Ingestion, Foreign Body in Paw
Trupanion paid: $1,535.16

An Alien InvasionAn Alien Invasion

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