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A Lovable Lab Lives Life to the Fullest

A Lovable Lab Lives Life to the Fullest“In 2013, our chocolate lab was diagnosed with lymphoma. We’d noticed enlarged lymph nodes and that he was being unusually clingy and concerned. We immediately took him to Animal Critical Care of Seattle and put him under the incredible care of Dr. Meleo and her wonderful staff.

Almost immediately, he improved. His energy returned, the lymph node swelling disappeared and throughout, Trupanion was a breeze to work with. The insurance did exactly what it claimed to do and it did it simply.

The following spring, Hugo fractured his elbow and would need surgery to remove a bone chip that was aggravating the joint. Off he went to VCA in Lynnwood, where Dr. Jha removed the offending chip and set Hugo on a path to an amazing summer of rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and the joy of making sure his people were well looked after.

One and a half years after his first cancer treatment, Dr. Meleo said that he’d entered special territory— an unlikely prognosis of stable health that punched back at the original severity of his diagnosis.

Today, I brought him in for his third ultrasound checkup. After the ultrasound, Dr. Meleo came in glowing, to tell me that the tumors were actually smaller than they were in December. It gives us hope for more to come.”

Matt S.

Seattle, Washington

Enrolled: June 2012
Condition: Lymphoma, Elbow Fracture
Trupanion Paid: $13,463.25


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