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Preparing for the “What Ifs”

Preparing for the What Ifs“In June 2015 my Star turned 6 years old! The realization of her being with me today is truly due to the amazing team of doctors and staff at Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital (BVH) in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and Trupanion!

When I adopted Star as a puppy I debated getting insurance because, I figured I would invest in insurance when she was older. After discussing insurance with Dr. Bruce Levinston, he explained that if there was an injury or illness it could be very costly and Trupanion would pay 90% per incident. Dr. Levinston shared how Trupanion would give me peace of mind for the “what ifs.” I decided then to buy insurance.

Shortly after enrolling Star with Trupanion she became very ill, and in the past six years she has been diagnosed with numerous health issues: incurable internal bacteria, IBD, allergies to food and vaccinations, bleeding ulcers, and inflammation of the gallbladder – all of which is now controllable with daily medications.

Trupanion has paid over $27,000 toward her medical bills. All of my claims were processed and checks were mailed out within seven days of receiving the invoice.

Trupanion helped BVH fight the fight because I didn’t have to worry about the financial end— I just focus on loving Star through it all. I planned for the “what ifs” and it paid off. The doctors have Star on a plan that is managing her illnesses and as for Star—she is wagging her tail and playing every day! Thank you, Trupanion, for being a part of the process and truly standing behind what your company stands for with no limits on cost for illnesses, and not changing the cost of her deductible or increasing her monthly fee because she is ill.

My Star’s success is due to BVH & Trupanion working together! Thank you for providing, not just Star, but all pets with a chance to become healthy when the “what ifs” happen!”

Tina C.

Somerset, New Jersey
Enrolled:September 2009
Condition: IBD and Pancreatic Enzyme Deficiency
Trupanion Paid: $28,460.22



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