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Ten Dog Breeds with Envious Locks!

The dog world is full of unique body shapes, styles, and hair. Some dog breeds are just known for their good looks. These breeds are the envy of would-be pet parents and the perfect playground for pet groomers and mobile pet grooming services all around.

Some Dogs Make Pet Grooming Totally Fun

Whether you love the beachy waves of the Afghan Hound or the curly fro of the Bichon, there’s bound to be a breed with a look you wish you had. Below you’ll find a list of ten dog breeds with envious locks for some hairspiration.

  1. Afghan Hound
    10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  2. Bichon Frise10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  3. Chinese Crested10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  4. Chow-Chow10 Dog Grooming Wonders
  5. Collie10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  6. Irish Setter10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  7. Papillon10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  8. Pomeranian10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  9. Poodle10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks
  10. Puli10 Dog Breeds with Envious Locks

Important Tips for Dog Grooming Enthusiasts

No matter the style, your dog’s coat can say a lot about their health. A happy, healthy dog should have a beautiful, glossy coat and good nutrition. Regular pet grooming and parasite prevention can go a long way when it comes to keeping your pup healthy. Denise Petryk, DVM, an on-staff veterinarian at Trupanion, provides some great tips to monitor and care for your pet’s coat.

“Groom your pet regularly. It’s a great way to bond with your pet and keep an eye on the state of their coat. A bath can reduce dander and itching and a regular brushing can help reduce excess hair and bond with your pup.

Talk to your veterinarian about a balanced diet for your pet and stay on top of parasite prevention to keep pesky fleas and ticks at bay. Watch for balding or excessive shedding. Bald spots, hair loss, or areas of thin or missing hair can mean a number of things, and can be so difficult to diagnose. Some of the main causes include hormonal imbalance, stress, parasites or allergies to food and flea bites.

If you discover that your pet has a lackluster coat, thinning hair, bald patches or is suffering from any form of skin irritation, it’s important to talk to your veterinarian and try to identify the underlying cause.”

For more information on these breeds and more visit Trupanion’s online Dog Breed Guide.

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