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10 Dogs Who are Definitely Ready for Fall

September 23 marks the first day of fall this year, and puppies and dogs alike are getting ready for the change in season. The dogs below showcase some wonderful reasons why fall is one of our favorite seasons.


“Son, let me tell you of a magical season where the air is crisp and fresh, apples are abundant, and leaf piles aplenty…”

You can smell it in the air (and on the ground),


Feel it in the crisp drop in temperature,

10 Dogs Ready for Fall

And hear it in the crunch of the leaves under your feet.

10 Dogs Ready for Fall

You’ll see canines in adorable dog costumes,

10 Dogs Ready for Fall

And pups snuggled under the covers.


Collies have never looked so majestic (well, maybe they have…).


Did I mention the leaves crunching under your feet?


It’s pretty great.


Are you ready for fall?


Be sure to mind the temperature change and keep an eye out for autumn pet hazards along the way. For more fall pet safety tips and tricks, visit Pet Fall Safety Tips.

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