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Four Ways to Celebrate Game Day with Your Pet

16252264877_c3ddaa7646_oIt’s the morning of the big game! You’re wearing your team colors, prepping the snacks, and mapping out the perfect spot in front of the TV. Obviously, you’ll want your best bud by your side for game day—so here are four ways to make sure you and your pet are both winners.

1. Show off your gear

Dress your pet up in a pet-friendly jersey that doesn’t restrict their movement. If they aren’t comfortable in clothes, look for your favorite team’s collar, leash, toy, or bandana.

Poodle in Soccer Gear

2. Get your pet in the zone

Hosting a party to watch the game or tailgate? See how they’re feeling about the crowd. Always give your pet a safe, quiet place to go. And if they typically don’t enjoy a lot of commotion, it might be best to leave them at home. If they love being the center of attention and you don’t mind keeping a close eye on them, bring them along for the ride!

3. Play a game of pick-up

There’s nothing like throwing or passing a ball for your pup in the yard. Even a game of keep away can be a great way to keep the whole family involved. While you’re playing ball, take plenty of breaks for water—especially if the weather is warm—and try not to push your pup (or yourself)! A ball can bounce in any direction, and a quick turn by your pet could result in an injury.

4. Watch the game, and your pet

Pets can get into a lot of trouble when you aren’t looking—party favors, finger foods, drinks, and even sports equipment can become a snack for a curious pet. Don’t believe us? Trupanion covered a claim for a Goldendoodle in Iowa who ingested a rubber football and a Lab in Maryland who swallowed part of a soccer ball.

How will you spend game day with your pet?

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