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A Focus on Health

Dallas' Pet Insurance Story“I have had two dogs (soon to be three) covered by Trupanion since 2010. I signed up because a year earlier, my 10-year-old German Shepherd cost me over $3,000 in tests and exploratory surgery when I took her to the veterinarian because she wasn’t feeling well. It would have been closer to $10,000 but she was put to rest on the operating table when we realized she was too sick to recover.

Being faced with such a large bill was very difficult financially, but I just couldn’t put a seemingly healthy dog down because I couldn’t afford it. That’s what made me decide to look into pet insurance. After an exhaustive search, I chose Trupanion for their simple plan, 90% coverage, no payout limits, and ability to choose my deductible. I kept the deductible high, to keep my monthly payments lower.

Since I’ve been on the plan, my Bernese Mountain Dog, Dallas, has had three knee surgeries and was recently diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma. Trupanion has saved me over $12,000 and counting. It is so wonderful not to stress over the cost of the treatment plan my veterinarian hands to me. I can focus on what needs to be done to help my dog get healthy again.

Trupanion customer service has always been kind, helpful, and supportive. The claims process is easy and I always get my reimbursement within two weeks. I can’t thank them enough for all that they do, and I would recommend them hands down to anyone who loves their pet.”

Megan M.


Vale, Oregon
Enrolled: October 2010
Condition: CCL Tear, Histiocytic Sarcoma
Trupanion Paid: $12,274.61


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