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A Part of Her Heart

Rosie's Pet Insurance Story“Late in April I brought my little girl Rosie into the emergency veterinary hospital because she was very lethargic. She was diagnosed with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) and they immediately gave her a blood transfusion to save her life. She then went on to have five more transfusions— one for each day she was in the hospital. She was transferred to a specialist hospital where an angel of a doctor took over her case. Whatever he did worked a miracle. She finally started to respond to the immune-suppressing drugs and her immune system stopped attacking her.

According to a veterinarian at the first hospital, they had never seen such an aggressive case of IMHA. Her case was discussed by many around the country and they were surprised at the fact that I was not giving up on her despite the financial and emotional strain.

I had a very rough week but not as rough as she did. We just recently had a follow-up exam and I am ecstatic to say that she is not only holding her own but she is now producing red blood cells and the drugs are working beautifully! She is in total remission!

I am writing this for a couple of reasons: I want everyone to always be aware of any signs of illness because if I had waited even a few hours after she exhibited signs she would have died before I got her to the hospital.

I also want everyone who has a pet to really consider getting pet insurance. My final bill was almost $14,000. I have Trupanion and they covered 90% of the cost, no questions asked. And because of the type of administration system they have at the veterinary hospital, it was paid before we even left with her. I only had the balance to take care of. It was such a relief through the whole ordeal to not have to worry about the cost and to have the freedom to choose life for my beloved little Rosie. She is a huge part of my heart!

If you have any doubts at all just look at your pet and answer this: Would you be willing to give up their life just because you couldn’t afford the bill? The doctors saved her but Trupanion allowed it to happen.”

Billie-Jo W.


Calgary, Alberta
Enrolled: July 2014
Condition: Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia
Trupanion Paid: $13,137.26

Rosie's Pet Insurance Story

Rosie's Pet Insurance Story

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