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From Playful Puppy to Tenacious Tripod

Radar's Pet Insurance Story
“We’ve had our English Bulldog, Radar, since he was 12 weeks old and signed him up after our first visit to the veterinarian. Radar was a healthy little boy through the winter, but in spring things went haywire – we found out he is allergic to almost anything and everything. After we met the deductible, Trupanion has been paying us back 90% of the cost of his allergy medications monthly.

In November, Radar started limping. We thought it was just a sprain so put him on some anti-inflammatories and made sure he had plenty of rest until things got better. That winter the limp returned. The next spring Radar’s allergies were flaring up and his sleep apnea was getting worse so we scheduled surgery at the Iowa Veterinary Referral Clinic to widen his nares and reduce his palate. In the meantime the limp came back, so we did an x-ray and determined that Radar had a torn CCL. Our surgeon said that he could do both surgeries on the same day.

We followed the doctor’s recovery instructions to a T. About four weeks in we noticed Radar had a lot of fluid in his knee. They took another set of x-rays and found that something was broken. Radar went through four surgeries and nothing seemed to stick. Amputation was the only option left.

As hard as it was and through many tears and sobs I told the surgeon to go ahead. He called me that evening and told me that the surgery was over and assured me again that Radar would be just fine as a tri-pawed.

After just a week he is getting around better than I expected. Five surgeries in less than three months and it is over.

Trupanion paid our claims quickly from day one and didn’t ask any questions. Without Trupanion and our surgeon not charging us for some of the work, we couldn’t have afforded all of this to try and save his leg. In the end I know now that he will be just fine on three but the support throughout everything has made it easier on all of us. Trupanion’s prompt payments and excellent coverage made it all possible. Thank you, Trupanion.”

Tim, Amy, and Gavin B.


Exira, Iowa
Enrolled: November 2013
Condition: Atopy, CCL Tear, Amputation
Trupanion Paid: $8,240.05

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