Labrador Retriever Stella | Star of Trupanion's 1st TV Ad
Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company

Meet the Star of Trupanion’s First-Ever TV Commercial, Stella!

Stella is an almost 10-month-old Labrador Retriever from Mission, British Columbia. Stella - Labrador Retriever

The Carreiros searched high and low for the perfect canine addition to their family until they finally found a breeder in Campbell River, BC. It was meant to be — the breeder was about to have their first litter and the family got the first pick, choosing Stella from the bunch. Stella is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and comes from a long line of good genes.

After a ferry ride, she was finally a part of the family and was immediately introduced to her new sibling, Ollie the pug. It was love at first sight.

Stella: Labrador Retriever, a Bright Trainee & Talented Actress!

Within a week she was kennel trained and learned to ask to go outside. The family quickly discovered she was a smart girl! Her rambunctious puppy energy and 55lb body prompted Stella’s family to put her in professional training to help her achieve her full potential as a great family dog. They hired Allstars K9 Training in Mission, BC.Trupanion Commercial Starring Stella - Labrador Retriever

Stella’s trainers saw huge potential in her and could see she thrived as a working dog.  They thought she would be a great fit for a current opportunity they had—to be featured in Trupanion’s first-ever television commercial. The trainers worked with her in just four days to prepare her for the commercial shoot. Her trainer, Crystal, would pick Stella up every day and work with her for hours on end. She would return home happily exhausted.

In just four days, she was ready to perform. Trupanion loved her, the crew loved her and the Carreiro family was so proud of her. So proud, in fact, that they enrolled Stella in a Trupanion pet insurance policy to protect her in the event of any future illness or injury!

See Stella in action in Trupanion’s first-ever television commercial below. Do you insure what you love?

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