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Trupanion’s Territory Partners, Building a Business from the Ground Up

Trupanion’s success can be attributed to our Territory Partners more than anything else. Our Territory Partners are pet-passionate visionaries who help educate veterinarians, their staff, and their local communities to understand how medical insurance for pets can benefit pets, pet owners and the veterinary community. Our Territory Partners are the vital link between Trupanion and veterinary practices, and the reason more and more veterinarians recommend Trupanion to their clients. They come from varying backgrounds in veterinary medicine and sales but all of them are incredibly driven and have a common thread: a strong passion for pets and Trupanion’s mission to care for them all.

Meet Scott Sterbenz

Territory: Iowa & Nebraska
Sign date: 2012

 Trupanion Territory PartnerScott Sterbenz found Trupanion when it had less than 100 employees. He was drawn to the fast-paced environment and the opportunity to be a part of something big with a company positioned for rapid growth.

“I guess it was fate,” Scott said. “I had been laid off from a human medical insurance company and a friend of mine came across the Territory Partner job posting and sent it over to me.” He had spent most of his career in much larger corporate settings and came from a background in finance and economics. While he still had a lot to learn about the animal health care industry, the insurance aspect came easy to him.

He loved the ability to be his own boss, set his own schedule, and build his own business in an industry with a huge opportunity for growth. “The medical insurance market for pets in the U.S. is wide open. With less than 1% of pets enrolled in insurance, and even less in my territory, the opportunity for growth and financial success is incredible!” So incredible, that Scott has grown his revenue by over 80% year over year for the past three years in his Midwest territory.

Scott became fully committed to the role, brainstorming and strategizing different ways to achieve success. He finds the job and financial model for success very rewarding. “No matter how successful you are one month, you always want more the next – it becomes addictive!”

“I have been a life-long pet lover. The ability to help pets get the care they need is very powerful and rewarding. I was given the opportunity to talk with a variety of people at Trupanion during my interview process – including Darryl Rawlings, the founder and CEO. The key messages I took from those discussions are still true today – even though the company is now five times as large. There continues to be a clear focus and vision about what we are about as an organization – we love pets and we want to help them get the care they need!”

Trupanion Territory Partner

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