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Dog Halloween Costumes That Your Veterinarian Will Approve

Dog Costumes That Don’t Keep Pet Safety in the Dark

With a wide variety of dog Halloween costumes to choose from, picking a costume for your pooch can seem daunting. So we’d like to make it a little easier for you! Whether you plan to dress up your dog in a spider costume or cowboy get-up, keep your dog’s comfort in mind. Dr. Denise Petryk, veterinary consultant at Trupanion, provided the following advice when selecting a dog costume:

“When choosing a costume for your dog, keep their comfort and safety in mind. Look for a costume that does not overheat them or restrict their movement, ability to hear, see, bark, or breathe. Your dog should clearly be comfortable in their costume. Avoid costumes with any small pieces or sections that your dog could easily destroy, rip off, consume, or choke on.

If your dog isn’t used to wearing clothing, they probably won’t be comfortable in a Halloween costume. You can instead opt for a Halloween-themed bandana or special tag or cover for their collar.”

Pawsome Dog Halloween Costumes for the Responsible Pet Parent

For those dogs who like to join the Halloween festivities, here are some top veterinarian-approved picks.

Something spooky: Nothing says Halloween like a doggy Dracula, a whiskered witch, or a wagging wizard. These costumes are sure to scare the socks off of your neighbors.

Spooky Dog Halloween Costumes

A costume with a sense of adventure: For those swashbucklers, crime-fighters, and castle defenders, a costume that allows you to be a hero (or villain) for a day can be an adventure in itself. Some great options include a puppy pirate, canine cowboy, snouted superhero, or pawed princess.

Adventure Dog Halloween CostumesTake a walk on the wild side: Halloween is the perfect excuse to step into another animal’s shoes. Has your dog ever dreamed of flying? A butt-wiggling bumblebee is the way to go. Do they wish they lived under the sea? How about a Frenchie fish?

Animal Dog Costumes

Dress to impress: Whether your pet wishes they could grow up to be a canine football star or the next furry president, Halloween is a great day to channel those desires. Our veterinarian’s favorite occupational outfit? Dog, DVM!

DVM Dog Costume

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