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Eating Things She Shouldn’t

Amani's Pet Insurance Story“We have had Trupanion since we got Amani through our veterinarian. Knowing how expensive veterinary bills can be, we opted to get insurance this time with our puppy, as she had no pre-existing issues.

Amani just turned 17 months old and we have already had our share of issues with her eating things she shouldn’t. Trupanion has been great in paying for her care. Even when she had to be put on a special diet, we were covered. Her most recent two-day stay at the veterinarian was also covered and truly saved us a great deal of money.

We recommend Trupanion because as our veterinarian prepares all of the paperwork we are almost immediately notified of what will and will not be covered.

We have truly saved many, many dollars and our monthly plan, which is inclusive of a deductible with 90% coverage, has more than paid for itself. It is also quite affordable.”

Donna P.


Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Enrolled: December 2013
Condition: Gastritis, Foreign Body Ingestion, Skin Issues, Giardia
Trupanion Paid: $2,324.84

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