Veterinary Technician Week: You know you're a vet tech when
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National Veterinary Technician Week: You know You’re a Vet Tech when…

Dog hanging out with vet tech for National Veterinary Technician Week.

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week.  Thank you to all the wonderful vet techs out there! 

Being a veterinary technician can be challenging work. While vet techs get to work with our beloved pets all day long, the job isn’t always glamorous. You know you’re a vet tech when:

You can’t talk about work at the dinner table.

While recounting your day during supper seems normal to you, your family tends to lose their appetite when you start talking about some particular details of your job. Such as that time you had to surgically remove a toy alien from a Golden Retriever’s abdomen.

Talking about dogs eating their own poop is a daily conversation.

But you know it in your world as Coprophagia and know there are several reasons why.

You don’t realize that you smell like dogs until someone in line at the coffee shop mentions a weird odor.

And that’s when you grab your latte and quietly head back to work.

You’ve lost track of where all your scars came from.

Maybe when that cat scratched you last week? Or that other cat last month? Or those twenty cats last year?

These three kitties love their vet tech in honor or National Vet Technician Week.

You can remember your patients’ names, but their owners’ names are a different story.

It’s fine, Bella the Black Labrador’s owners are probably used to being called “Bella’s mom and dad.”

You want to take your work home with you, literally. And that something is the cute Rottweiler puppy who came in with hotspots.

You’ll bring him back tomorrow, you swear! Or maybe in a week, after enough snuggle time.

You come home exhausted every day, but you wouldn’t change your job for the world.

Even though you sometimes are covered in mystery liquids and all your clothes are basically lined with miscellaneous cat and dog hair, you love what you do. Every day you help heal animals and sometimes save their lives, providing a positive change in their and their owners’ lives. And it never ever gets old.

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