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With Harriet Every Step of the Way

With Harriet Every Step of the Way“Harriet is our 5 year old English Bulldog. She is the sweetest little dog and wants to be friends with every animal. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out too well for Harriet when she tried to make friends with a bunny three years ago. Harriet was running after a bunny in our backyard when the bunny decided to make a sharp turn and run under a fence. Being a Bulldog, sharp turns aren’t Harriet’s specialty, and when she tried to replicate the bunny’s movement, she spun on her back leg and came limping back into the house. After a trip to her veterinarian, Dr. Suzi Peters at the Grimsby Animal Hospital, followed by some x-rays and scans, it was confirmed that she tore her CCL. Harriet needed to see a veterinary orthopedic surgeon and have her CCL completely reconstructed.

This incident alone makes having Trupanion an excellent investment, but Harriet also has a number of health issues. Since the age of 6 months she has had chronic bladder problems that have required a variety of tests, specialist appointments and surgical procedures. Harriet also suffers from distichiasis, a condition in which her eyelashes grow into her eyelids rather than growing out. In addition to being a very uncomfortable condition, if not treated, she may have ended up with corneal ulcers. A regular dental check-up for Harriet led us to discover she had 3 unerupted teeth. And so Harriet needed yet another surgery. After her annual “wellness” blood tests, it was revealed that Harriet is hypothyroid, a condition that will require her to be on medication indefinitely.

Harriet is a part of our family and we’re very thankful to Trupanion for their financial support. With Trupanion, we are always able to ensure that Harriet gets the best health care possible.”

Elizabeth P.


Grimsby, Ontario
Enrolled: July 2010
Condition: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear, Urinary Tract Infections, Distichiasis, Hypothyroid
Trupanion Paid: $13,132.33

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