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Help Pets in Need this Holiday Season

We believe a little word of mouth can go a long way. That’s why, this holiday season, we’d like to ask you to spread the holiday cheer—share your Trupanion experience with a friend and we will pay it forward with a donation to an animal welfare organization. Every time you refer a friend who enrolls in a Trupanion policy, we’ll donate $10 to the Farley Foundation or Best Friends Animal Society to help pets in need.

In honor of giving we’d like to share just a couple stories of pets and people that have been helped by our Canadian donation partner, the Farley Foundation. Their wonderful work honors the human-animal bond and supports those who require financial assistance when they need it most.

Daisy Mae’s Story

Daisy Mae - help pets in needLittle Daisy Mae went to her veterinarian for a routine appointment and her veterinarian noticed she had dental disease, which is very common in Chihuahuas.  Daisy Mae’s mom, Heather, loves her so much and wanted to do anything to make Daisy Mae’s mouth feel better, so the veterinary hospital applied to the Farley Foundation to help Heather with the expense of the dentistry. Heather was overjoyed with the approval for the Farley Foundation to assist in the procedure. After radiographs were performed the veterinary hospital found that Daisy Mae’s dental disease was worse than it first appeared.  Daisy Mae needed 9 teeth extracted due to root disease and the help of the Farley Foundation made it financially easier on Heather.  Now Daisy Mae has the diseased teeth removed from her mouth and will live a happier and healthier life.

Murphy’s Story

murphyMurphy was adopted 2-1/2 years ago on Christmas Eve from Toronto Animal Services. Murphy’s owner, Christina, was not certain, but believed he had an abusive past. He was very rough around the edges, very scratch-prone, terrified of being held, and would flinch if you went to pet him. But as you can see from the photo, with lots of love and patience, he has blossomed into a very loving and beautiful cat.  Murphy required emergency care and was hospitalized for feline lower urinary tract disease treatment. Murphy means the world to his pet owner. It was an enormous relief to receive approval from the Farley Foundation for funding to cover Murphy’s treatment. “I’m sure you understand how incredibly stressful financial aspects of veterinary emergencies are on top of the actual medical and emotional components can be. This has absolutely taken some of the pressure off so I can focus more positively on Murphy’s recovery.”

Spread the holiday cheer this year and share your Trupanion experience with a friend. A little word of mouth can go a long way. See how at


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