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How to Perform Dog CPR (infographic)

dog CPR

Prepare for a Pet Emergency

In an emergency it’s a great idea to know basic first aid procedures, including how to do CPR on your dog.

Before administering CPR for your pet, it’s a good idea to get some practice and better understand when you should use it. Dr. Denise Petryk offers these tips on administering CPR for your pet.

  • Anticipate a crisis and prepare yourself. Is your pet elderly, ill, or on a lot of medication? Have they choked before? Consider taking a pet CPR course or human CPR course to learn basic techniques.
  • Asses the crisis as it happens. If you aren’t able to address your pet immediately, it is often too late, and even in that case, prognosis is not good. Remember each letter if CRISIS:
  • C: Remain Calm
    R: Attempt to Revive the pet. Try talking to the pet and shaking them gently. This is the easiest way to check if they have just fainted, seized, or are in a deep sleep.
    I: Shout, “I need help!” to enlist the help of someone around you!
    S: Open and Sweep the mouth checking for any vomit, foreign material, or excessive saliva.
    I: Institute the basics of CPR, A, airway, B, breathe, and C, compression.
    S: Start getting transport to the veterinarian. Try to administer CPR on the way!

  • Breathing is the most important step. If the heart has not stopped the biggest goal is to get your pet breathing again as you head to the veterinarian.

Check for pet CPR classes in your area to get first-hand experience administering CPR for your dog before you ever need it.TruDog shared a great infographic on how to perform dog CPR in five simple steps.

How to Perform Dog CPR

dog CPR infographic


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