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A Blessing in Disguise

black-lab-trupanion-testimonial“Brewer was a gift from Santa for our three boys on Christmas Eve 2012. He truly became our fourth son and the boys’ baby brother.

This past Father’s Day, my husband was playing with Brewer in the backyard with a blower and Brewer kept trying to bite it. When he opened his mouth my husband saw a huge growth in his mouth. We took him to Estrella Veterinary Hospital the next day and they removed it via surgery.

Within a week the growth was back. That same week we received the call that Brewer was diagnosed with oral fibrosarcoma, a very deadly cancer. Our family was devastated.
Thankfully, six months prior to this Brewer ate a chocolate cake resulting in a very expensive veterinary bill. We consider that cake to be our blessing in disguise! Brewer’s doctor suggested Trupanion and it was that moment that we decided to purchase our Trupanion policy.

Without Trupanion, Brewer would be gone today. Trupanion’s policy allowed Brewer to have radio-surgery and chemotherapy at the Veterinary Cancer Group – two very expensive treatments. We are so grateful for Trupanion! They have paid for 90% of his medical costs; the radio-surgery was $14,000 alone! Every employee I have worked with at Trupanion has been incredibly friendly and easy to work with. I share our story with every person I meet that has a pet and tell them to purchase Trupanion!

Thank you, Trupanion – because of you Brewer has a chance at life, which means the world to our boys and our family.”

Corrie B.


San Clemente, California

Enrolled: February 2015
Condition: Cancer
Trupanion Paid: $19,748.56


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