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Alleviating Stress


Rocket’s Story

“There are no words to express my gratitude to Trupanion for being there for my dog Rocket and me. ‘Your Pet is Family.’

I adopted Rocket when he was one year old. I went with an insurance company that paid for wellness checks and annual exams. As Rocket got older he had bilateral elbow surgery. He also had two episodes of bloat. I was not happy with the reimbursement I was getting from the insurance company.

One day when I was at Natick Animal Clinic, they recommended Trupanion. I immediately enrolled him. I chose the most comprehensive coverage Trupanion offered. I promised him I would provide him with whatever medical care he needed. Every person who decides to adopt or buy a pet needs to take into consideration medical costs over a lifetime. Rocket developed right hind end lameness. The hind end lameness got worse and he started having episodes of both sudden and intermittent collapse. An MRI was performed and showed points on his vertebrae that were causing his symptoms. He underwent a dorsal laminectomy for a spinal compression. He recovered from that but his sudden and intermittent collapses continued.

I received the catastrophic confirmation that Rocket had a meningioma on the brain stem. This was inoperable and now I had to decide whether to do radiation. I could not bear the thought of not doing everything possible for him.

Trupanion is covering his very expensive medications and constant supportive care. Since 2012, Trupanion has paid out over $27,000 and that figure grows weekly.

Trupanion alleviated the stress of his situation. I know many people that have had to make that unbearable decision to let their beloved pets go because they could not afford the care.

When calling Trupanion, every single representative has been supportive, caring, helpful and sincere.”

-Deborah S.


Framingham, MA
Enrolled: January 2012
Condition:Right Hind End Lameness, Brain Stem Tumor
Trupanion Paid: $30,159.51


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