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How to Create a Valentine’s Day Date With Your Dog


No one loves you like your dog. They never judge you, you don’t have to worry about how you look with them and if you’re in a bad mood, they have the uncanny ability to make it all better. So why, when February 14th rolls around, do we ditch our furry BFF and celebrate this traditional day of love with a two-legged companion? One who’s probably never kept our feet warm on a cold night or stayed right next to us during an unpleasant bout of the flu? This line of thinking explains why almost 40% of pet owners would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet rather than their significant other.

This year, show Fido how much you love him by making a Valentine’s Day date with your favorite canine companion. Here’s a whole day of activities you can do with your pup to make it a special date they’ll be sure to enjoy.

Bake a Woofer-ful Breakfast

Unfortunately, the traditional Valentine’s Day fare of chocolate isn’t good for your dog. So start the day by baking some homemade Valentine doggy treats in cute little heart shapes. They probably aren’t going to offer to help, but that’s OK. Let your pup get a little extra shuteye this morning while you prepare a breakfast in bed consisting of some delicious homemade treats made just for them.

Have a Spa Day

Start with a bath using your pet’s favorite shampoo. Follow with a manicure, clipping her nails and adding a pretty color if she’s into that. Top it off with a luxurious brushing and end with a full body massage. Nothing says I love you like a full body massage.

Or, you can opt to have your pup treated at the local groomer! This can be especially helpful as many groomers have the equipment necessary to handle large or extra fluffy dogs.

Take Some Selfies

Now that your fur-baby is all dolled up, take some photos to remember your day. If your dog likes to dress up, this is a great time to pull out some of those adorable little outfits you’ve been picking up every time you hit the pet store. If not, just smile and say “woof”– for lasting memories of your special day.shiba-inu-at-park

Make a Play Date

If the weather is accommodating, take your pet to their favorite playground or dog park. Fresh air and exercise are things just about every dog enjoys, and it’s good for you, too. Follow playtime with a long walk and some together time for just the two of you.

Take a Nap

Snuggle up together on the couch with a nice soft blanket and take a short mid-day snooze so you’ll both be full of energy and ready for the big night.

Once you’re all rested and ready to go, it’s time to plan your night. If your pet is comfortable around people and likes to go places, you might want to consider an overnight stay at a pet-friendly hotel. If they’re more of a homebody, you can do a special night without ever leaving the house. Remember – today is all about your fur baby, so make sure you do something you’ll both enjoy.

Have a Big Night Out

For the adventurous pooch who loves to be the center of attention, take an overnight trip to a luxurious pet-friendly hotel. Websites such as can help you find just the right place for you and your canine bestie.

Start out with some room service to provide a special meal you can share, and don’t forget to bring some more of those treats you made earlier for dessert. You can’t have a proper Valentine’s Day meal without dessert.

A fine bottle of wine for you and a nice mineral water for your pet, and you’re ready to settle in for the evening. Splurge a little bit and rent one of those in-house movies, then settle in for an evening of bonding.

Do a Special Night In

puggle-date-with-dogIf your girl or guy doesn’t like crowds or strange places, you can still give them a special night in. Cook up a big steak for the two of you and enjoy a nice meal together. Use your good china for this special occasion and again, don’t forget dessert.

This night will be much like the hotel excursion except you’ll both enjoy the comfort of your own home. Snuggle up on the couch or in bed under a plush comforter, share a happy movie and some quality snuggles and it’s sure to end with a tired happy pup, who just got to spend an entire day being doted on by the one they love most.

A special date with your dog doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Just think about the things they love and incorporate them into the day. Even if they don’t know what Valentine’s Day is, you can be sure your pooch knows they’ve just had a very special time with you. It’s the least you can do after all of the love and health benefits they give you. At the end of the day, you’ll have some excellent memories – and goofy selfies – you can treasure forever.

About the Author: Megan Wild is obsessed with her four-legged best friend and mutt. She loves coming up with ways she can show her dog how much she appreciates her companionship. When she’s not hanging out with her dog, Megan writes on her blog, Your Wild Home, about dog-centric home decor.

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