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Keep Paws off Sago Palm!

toxic-sago-palmAll parts of sago palms are considered extremely poisonous for cats and dogs — especially the seeds. The plant is commonly found in tropical environments and can be seen in several U.S. states, including California, Texas, and Florida. Sago palm is an extremely popular plant for use in home landscaping — you might even have one in your yard!

What you need to know about Sago Palm 

How do I know my pet has eaten sago palm?

Within 15 minutes of ingestion, pets can start showing signs of gastrointestinal distress, such as drooling, vomiting, and black tar-like diarrhea, and can soon develop severe liver failure, weakness, tremors, and seizures. Further, pets that ingest any part of a sago palm need immediate, aggressive treatment by a veterinarian even if they are not exhibiting any signs.

In California alone, we’ve seen over 100 claims from policyholders whose pets decided to make a meal out of the palm. And we paid out over $42,000 to help them treat their poor pet’s sago palm poisoning. Sago palm toxicity can cost a pet owner over $7,000 to treat!

Are there other plants that can poison my pet?

With spring in our sights, ingestion of poisonous plants is a big concern right now, as many people like to decorate their home with flowers and plants or start sprucing up their yard. Love lilies? Keep a sharp eye on them too if you have a cat — all types of lilies are extremely toxic to our feline friends, even if they just gnaw on a few petals.

Also, other plants to keep your pet away from include oleander and lantana — even the water that oleander sits in can be toxic to pets. In addition, check out our Pet Poison Prevention Guide for other examples of plants that are poisonous for your pet.

Sago Palms and pets: be prepared

It’s important to prepare if you’re a pet owner in a state where sago palm and other poisonous plants are common. When your pet has an unexpected run in with a toxic plant, medical insurance for your cat or dog can help you cover the veterinary expenses. Get a quote for your pet now to see how a Trupanion policy can be there for you.

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