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A Basset with Nine Lives

Bertie-basset-houndBertie strongly denies the rumors. Despite what they say, he is not a cat dressed up in a (very elegant) Basset Hound suit. He does lay claim to the canine equivalent of a cat’s nine lives, but he will not admit to being one.

He agrees, though, that he’s one of the luckiest, most stubborn dogs around. Lucky because he’s had Trupanion at his back and Campus Estates Animal Hospital beside him, for the twelve and a half years of his life; stubborn because no matter what befalls him, he just won’t give up. It’s nothing to do with nine lives. No.

From a nasty liver infection that involved his gall bladder having to be removed (he spent his tenth birthday in surgery), to an episode of full-blown bloat (more surgery when he was almost 12), to a bout of pneumonia, and other odds and ends before and after … Bertie has been there, done that, and is still wagging his big Basset tail.

Nose down; tail up and wagging. Stubborn? You bet.

Grateful to everyone at Campus Estates Animal Hospital and to Trupanion? Eternally.

A cat in disguise? Never.

-Written by Muriel N.-


Guelph, ON
Enrolled: March 2005
Condition: Allergies, Arthritis, Hypothyroid and Hepatitis, Chronic Liver Disease
Trupanion Paid: $47,116.93

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