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Cherishing a Best Friend

trupanion-cat-cancer“This past April, I received terrible news when my Blue Point Siamese, Cole, was diagnosed with nasal respiratory carcinoma. This is an aggressive type of cancer with no cure – the only treatment is radiation. Without treatment, Cole’s future would have been very short.

Thankfully, I had Trupanion Insurance for Cole. Without it I would not have been able to afford his costly treatment. Trupanion has been extraordinary! All my claims have been paid quickly and without issue. The Trupanion representatives are extremely friendly and caring, always making a point to ask how Cole is doing.

Cole has completed his radiation treatments and is doing extremely well. I realize that his days are numbered, but I am optimistic that his days will stretch into months or even possibly a year or more. I am so grateful to Trupanion for this extra time with Cole; I am cherishing each and every day with one of the best friends I’ve ever had.”

Betsy S.


Glenside, PA
Enrolled: March 2012
Condition: Cancer
Total Reimbursed: $6,993.02

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